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Welcome to Glory's Gate official website. Thank you for visiting. This is the place for Glory's Gate music and merchandise - T-shirts, CD's, and more to come.

Announcements: Coming this April! Glory's Gate has some new country releases on deck:

April 15 "High Life"

April 22 "How to Do I Love You"

We want to give something back.  'Let This Glory Shine' written by JT Marshall and performed by Glory's Gate honors the Stars and Stripes and establishes it as a memorial to all who have risked their lives for the preservation of Liberty and Freedom. Many of these great men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice so we may live freely without oppression. Honor them and stand for them.  

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Don't miss our latest release "Pierced Through the Heart". We've made it easy for you to find. Simply scroll and click the play button. To purchase a download or listen on another platform click the 'Get Single' button. 



Glory's Gate was founded by singer/songwriter JT Marshall in 2017. Glory's Gate brings to life the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that message of hope through their unique fusion of Rock, Country and Blues. 

JT Marshall: Vocalist and songwriter 

Jon Anthony: Keyboard

Brian Firmand: Lead Guitar

Robyn Davis: Rhythm Guitar/Bass

Casey Young: Drums

Todd Akers: Bass


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