Our Story

Glory’s Gate was formed in 2017; the band consists of JT Marshall and his son Jon Anthony, who share a deep bond and a passion for spreading their message of faith through their music. Together, they created their first song, “Crown of Thorns” 

To complete the band, Jon and JT brought in Brian Firmand, Casey Young on the drums, Robyn Davis on bass and acoustic guitar, and later brought in Todd Akers Jr. on bass guitar. With a mix of talent and experience, Glory’s Gate’s music has continued to captivate audiences and deliver their message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

After the release of their first album, “Stay Strong,” in 2018, the band played the Spin Awards in Atlanta, Georgia and Unite Fest 2018-2019. Glory’s Gate isn’t just a band, they’re a movement for change. With their powerful music and unyielding commitment to making a difference, they’ve taken a stand against violence through collaboration with the “Stop the Violence Project” and have joined forces with the God Squad to bring much-needed relief and hope to communities in need.