Glory's Gate

Glory’s Gate is a Christian Rock band from Washington, Illinois led by father-son duo, J.T. Marshall and Jon Anthony which embodies the spirit of both family and ministry using their music to spread the message of faith and hope to fans everywhere. Founded in 2017  they released their 1st album, “Stay Strong” in January 2018. The album earned Glory’s Gate recognition leading to performances at events like the Gospel Spin Awards in Atlanta, Georgia and Unite Fest in Peoria, Illinois where they shared the stage with talents such as Micah Tyler and Glen Kyser in 2018 and 2019. Now they are set to launch their highly anticipated album, “Reign” March 2, 2023! 

As a youth pastor for more than seven years JT notes that the greatest adversity facing teens he worked with was depression. The music he writes focuses primarily on overcoming depression and hopes that it reaches those in need and gives them the courage to overcome.  

Band Members include: Jon Anthony, Todd Akers Jr., Robyn Davis, Brian Firmand, JT Marshall and Casey Young.

Music and Videos

New Release, "Reign" - 3/2/23

Introducing the new album by Glory’s Gate, “Reign” – Release date 3/2/23.

Glory’s Gate raises the bar with this electrifying album featuring an overall classic rock vibe focused on a message of overcoming real experiences through surrendering to Jesus Christ. 

Tracks include: 1. New Day Dawn, 2. You Came Runnin’, 3. Reign, 4. Pierced Through the Heart, 5. I’m On Fire, 6. Live Life, 7. How Long.

Lyrics: JT Marshall

Produced by: JT Marshall and Jon Anthony

Recorded at Bass Face Studio Washington, Illinois 

Press Releases/Articles/Photos

December 2023 PowerPlay Rock & Metal Magazine, PowerFiles ‘The Music Is Out There’ album review. 

June 2023 PowerPlay Rock & Metal Magazine

Casey Young

Drums, Vocals

JT Marshall

Lead Vocals, Songwriter

Jon Anthony

Synthesizer, guitar, bass, vocals

Brian Firmand

Lead guitar

Robyn Davis

Rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals 

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Contact: For Bookings, interviews or any questions please email JT Marshall at glorysgate@gmail.com

June 2023 PowerPlay Rock & Metal Magazine